Tampa Does Big Flip On Illegal Skateboard Law. For decades, riding a skateboard on many streets in Tampa and Ybor was illegal. You were also forbidden to ride on any city street, road or roadway. It was even against the law to ride in bike lanes. So, we guess that leaves your own driveway and porch. Not many Downhill options either. to  But now, Whoa! Tampa’s City Council just voted to legalize skateboarding. That means skateboarders who used to get cited and fined for breaking the law with their skateboards will now only receive a warning. Dude! Officers were permitted to cite skateboarders and make them appear in court, but that rarely happened with the old law. A possible fine is still being discussed, but only for skaters who are problematic. Also, if there is damage to property due to skateboarding, fines and fees may be assessed. A criminal mischief charge would be the most likely punishment. Most members of Tampa’s City Council are against fines for skaters, saying that most offenders can’t afford the typical $75 ticket. Good to know your skateboard law before you Boardslide in Tampa.  With the recent rising popularity of scooters, one council member pointed out that any legislation that refers to skateboards should also apply to all similar vehicles. While there are laws pertaining to scooters and bicycles on the books, the fines are generally lower than those that are issued for skateboards. Source: CLTampa.com

See how many “Skater Terms” you know in Gnarly A-Z below ; )

  • ABD:

     Acronym for “Already Been Done”, meaning the trick in question has already been landed by someone else and is, therefore, less desirable to do

  • Big Flip:

    A big spin with a kickflip incorporated into the spin; a 360 flip with a back 180

  • Casper Slide: 

    A slide in which the board is flipped for half of a kickflip, then caught with the back foot on the bottom side of the tail and the front foot holding up the nose from the grip tape side of the deck, and brought down by the skater into a slide on the peak of the tail

  • Drop In:

    A way of entering a bowl, quarter pipe, or bank from the top by placing the tail of the skateboard on the coping and leaning forward down the face of the ramp

  • Early Grab: 

    A grab trick in which the skateboarder grabs their board before leaving the ground or ramp

  • Face Plant:

    Yea, you know this one too. To fall off the board with the face on the ground before any other part of the body

  • Gnarly:

    An awesome or amazing thing or trick

  • Ho-Ho: 

    A plant trick involving a handstand with both hands on the ground and the board resting on the feet

  • Invert:

     A transition trick that entails the skater getting upside down and supporting themself on one hand, usually on the coping of a ramp, as the other hand performs a grab

  • Judo:

    A grab trick in which the rider grabs the heel edge of their board near the front wheel with their front hand and kicks their front foot off in front of them

  • Kick Turn:

     To turn the board by shifting the weight to the tail of the board, slightly lifting up the nose, and twisting

  • Landing Bolts:

    To land a trick perfectly with the board secure and balanced, usually with all 8 bolts of a skateboard covered by the rider’s feet

  • Mongo:

    A not so well accepted technique that involves pushing the skateboard with the front foot while the back foot remains on the board

  • Nosegrab:

     To grab the nose of the board with the leading hand

  • Ollie:

    A trick in which the skater uses his or her feet to pull the skateboard up into the air without the board flipping or spinning

  • Poser:

    A term referring to a non-skateboarder pretending to be a skateboarder, not to be confused with a beginner

  • Quadflip:

     A skateboarding trick where the board does 4 full rotations on its vertical axis, typically referring to a quadruple kickflip

  • Ripper:

     A skateboarder term referring to really good and consistent skater

  • Salad Grind:

     A grind trick performed by balancing on the back truck, with the opposite end of the board pointing forward, up, and towards the obstacle

  • Tic Tac:

    When a skater pivots left and right on the back wheels of a skateboard, either as a means of acceleration or to their your balance when landing a trick off center

  • Underflip:

     A trick variation in which the skater does the full rotation or spin of a trick, then while still in the air, proceeds to flip the board again from the bottom of the deck

  • Volcano:

     A cylindrical cone-shaped ramp with a flat top (sometimes has a rounded top too)

  • Wipe Out:

     A dated term used to describe when someone falls off a skateboard.

  • Zoo York: 

    A skateboarding / streetwear company established in 1993 by Rodney Smith, Eli Morgan Gesner, and Adam Schatz

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