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Florida is a miss in top 10 states for happy marriage. Which states have the happiest marriages in America? Well, apparently, NOT Florida. A recent study conducted by Mixbook surveyed 3,000 Americans and has revealed some interesting wedded bliss findings. Check below for the top 10 states where people are most happy in their marriages and some other fascinating statistics related to marriage in America.

But what about the states with the lowest percentage of happy marriages? Unfortunately, North Dakota and Montana are tied at the bottom of the list, with only 33% of respondents in each state reporting that they are happily married.

Is this crazy? More than half of Americans surveyed (53%) believe that a married couple can be happy living separately from one another. The study also found that the median age at first marriage in America is increasing. In 2021, the median age for men was 30.4 years, and for women, it was 28.1 years.

So, how can couples maintain a happy and healthy relationship? Communication, quality time, appreciation, forgiveness, support, teamwork, and intimacy are all essential components of a fulfilling marriage. Mixbook

  • 1. West Virginia

    With a whopping 90% of respondents saying they are happy in their marriages, West Virginia tops the list as the state with the happiest marriages. That’s equivalent to around 635,000 happily married couples!

  • 2. Minnesota

    In second place, we have Minnesota, where 88% of married respondents reported being happy.


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  • 3. Colorado

    Also at 88%, Colorado takes the third spot.

  • 4. Vermont

    With 87% of married respondents saying they are happy, Vermont ranks fourth on the list.


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  • 5. Hawaii

    Hawaii comes in at number five with 86% of respondents saying they are happy in their marriages.

    Florida Is A Miss In Top 10 States For Happy Marriage

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  • 6. Massachusetts

    In sixth place, Massachusetts boasts an 85% happiness rate among its married population.

  • 7. Idaho

    Idaho ranks seventh with 84% of married respondents reporting that they are happy.

  • 8. Virginia

    At 83%, Virginia is the eighth state on our list where married couples are most happy.


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  • 9. Iowa

    Iowa takes the ninth spot with 82% of respondents saying they are happy in their marriages.

  • 10. Maine

    Rounding out the top 10, Maine boasts an 81% happiness rate among its married population.

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