Nervously singing, “Under the sea, Under the sea.” I’m nervous because one of the cities that will be underwater by 2050 is close to where I live in St. Petersburg. I may not be alive, but my future grandchildren may be affected by this. According to the website, certain Florida cities will be underwater by 2050. Can you guess what those cities are? If the answer is no, you will find out below.

Rising Sea Levels Will Result In These Florida Cities Being Underwater

Rising sea levels are caused by climate change and sadly this will result in several Florida cities being underwater by 2050. Ice caps are also melting and hurricanes/ storms are contributing to the destruction of low-lying coastal areas. It has been predicted that sea levels could rise as much as eight feet by 2100. Yes, that might not seem like much but it will make a huge difference in certain U.S. cities.

Even if the sea levels were to rise by a foot, it could put some cities underwater. Rising sea levels are predicted to cause ‘chronic and disruptive flooding.’  So no, residents won’t have to turn into mermaids. The constant flooding would however make parts of the city unlivable. Sadly in some of these places, historic sites may get ruined.

This Will Effect People Vacationing In Florida

This absolutely will affect the people vacationing in Florida. The cities on this list are where a lot of people like to travel. Why would someone want to go where it is constantly flooding? Sadly money will be lost if tourism slows down.

Hopefully, the government is being proactive and putting things in place to prevent cities from being underwater. Florida cannot afford to lose our tourists. Again, that is one of our biggest money-makers. What are your thoughts on this? Feel free to email me [email protected]. Thanks

These Florida Cities Will Be Underwater By 2050

  • Miami

    According to environmental writer Jeff Goodell, Miami may be underwater sooner than 2050. He says that once the flooding starts to wash away the beaches, it will be to hard for government to maintain them.

    Estimated Year: Before 2050

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  • Key West

    I knew Key West would be on this list. It will be one of the first cities to start flooding due to the rise in sea levels. By the year 2060, its predicted that over 60% of the livable land will be flooded.

    Estimated year: By 2060

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  • St. Pete Beach

    This one for sure hits close to home because I reside in St. Pete, and I go to this beach often. Environmentalist predict that by 2060 the livable land on St. Pete beach will be submerged.  They say it will rise to 99.5% by the turn of the century.

    Estimated year: By 2060

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  • Fort Lauderdale

    Climate scientists predict that Fort Lauderdale will be doomed. Researcher Benjamin Strauss once said ” Even if we could just stop global emissions tomorrow on a dime, Fort Lauderdale, Miami Gardens, Hoboken, New Jersey will be under sea level.”

    Estimated year: By 2040

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