Are You One Of Tampa Bay’s Smart Drinkers? Take The Test. Is there such a thing as a smart drinker? Apparently, half of Americans think there is such a thing, and, they are also smart drinkers. Are you?  This  survey found that 52% of respondents considered themselves a “smart drinker,” meaning they do certain things before and while imbibing.  Are you a smart drinker? Do you have a specific drinking strategy? Any hard and fast rules you follow when you know you will be having adult beverages?  Any special “safe” places you can drink in Tampa Bay? Take the test and see if you get 6 for 6 below.

Here are some of the things smart drinkers said they do:

  • Eat Something

    Eating a meal before drinking – 53%
     (But, not Tacos)

  • Plan Ahead

    Coordinating a safe ride home – 52%
    (If you’re not on board here you should never drink again)

  • Pace Yourself

    Pacing themselves (about two drinks per hour) — 49%
    (Easy to mix in a soft drink or water right?) 

  • Beer And Whiskey Mighty Risky

    Not mixing different types of alcohol – 45%
    (Beer And Wine Mighty Fine BTW)

  • Low Cal and Low Alcohol

     Choosing lower-alcohol beverages – 27%
    (Less fat and less drunk. What a concept)

  • Know Exactly What Ya Got

     Knowing the ingredients in their drink – 27%
    (Sometimes a safety issue. So, be safe!)

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