Are Tampa Bay Area Kids College Material? It’s a big decision. Many of our young adults were told years ago that college was their best option for any kind of future. And the “then” president added, and now we’ve made it affordable for all so there is no reason not to go and do your best. Now thousands (maybe millions?) of those same young folks are praying for loan forgiveness. Today, college enrollment is down by 10 million, over 10 years ago. The National Student Clearinghouse Research Center says fewer and fewer are finding the benefits in college worth the effort. Many are entering the work force right out of high school, or going in other directions.

Why Are Kids PASSING On College:

  • All About The Money

    As colleges were encouraged to remain affordable, many state enacted scholarship programs “like bright futures.” Well, if the state is helping ay for it, what do you think happened? College costs went through the roof.

  • Can I Make Better Use Of My Time

    4 Years in college, maybe even more is a long time. Many wonder if that time in a good company with training or after trade school would be a better use of time over the years. Not spending thousands now may mean more money in savings faster too.

  • What Is That Degree Really Worth

    This is where many graduates plan on getting that $75,000 a year gig out of college, and actually start at a lower pay rate. Sometimes, much, much lower. Oops.

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