8 Florida Careers To start at age 30. Are you looking for a new career at the age of 30 in Florida? While starting a new career at this age might not be the norm, it can give you the chance to explore many rewarding careers in various industries, such as healthcare, education, IT, and agriculture.

Starting a new career at 30 can be an excellent opportunity to pursue something you enjoy while still having plenty of time for career development. With the educational qualifications and transferable skills you’ve gained, you can stand out from other applicants and excel in a new profession. Consider these career options and conduct further research to find the right one for you in Florida. GlassDoor

Here are some of the best careers to start at 30 in Florida:

  • 1. Kindergarten and Elementary School Teacher

    Kindergarten and Elementary School Teacher – If you have a bachelor’s degree and possess soft skills in empathy, leadership, and organization, teaching young children can be a fulfilling opportunity. You’ll need certification or a license from your state to start working in the public school system, but you’re unlikely to have to work during the summer.

  • 2. Registered Nurse

    Registered Nurse – With an increasing demand for nurses, this profession can be an excellent career choice for those with soft skills in compassion, empathy, reliability, and communication. You can become a nurse by obtaining a diploma from an approved program, an associate degree, or a bachelor’s degree.


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  • 3. Computer Programmer

    Computer Programmer – A computer programmer writes code using programming languages like JavaScript and tests it. This career typically requires a bachelor’s degree, but relevant associate degrees and work experience can get you hired. Key soft skills include attention to detail, accuracy, and organization.

  • 4. Farmer

    Farmer – If you enjoy working outdoors and performing manual labor, becoming a farmer could be a great choice. Farmers operate areas that produce vegetable crops, dairy products, or livestock. Key values that make this job satisfying include appreciating the natural environment and contributing to the community by providing essential products for survival.

  • 5, Entrepreneur

    Entrepreneur – Starting a business can be a challenging, time-consuming, and rewarding career. You don’t necessarily need formal education, but having specific personality traits such as being disciplined, a problem-solver, a self-starter, a leader, and motivated can increase your chances of succeeding. You’ll need a strong and realistic business plan to attract venture capitalists for investment.

  • 6. School Counselor

    School Counselor – As a school counselor, you’ll work with children, providing career guidance, academic support, and assistance in making college applications. For job seekers with soft skills in empathy, time-management, kindness, and communication, and a master’s degree in psychology or a related field, this can be a fulfilling profession with faster-than-average job growth. You’ll also need a state license to start working.


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  • 7. Web Developer

    Web Developer – A web developer builds websites that operate on the internet by designing interfaces, navigation, and functions, testing designs, and deploying completed websites. You can embark on this career with a high school diploma, and being organized, accurate, and detail-oriented are important soft skills. Knowing how to use programming languages, like HTML, is an example of the hard skills needed for this job.

  • 8. Agricultural and Food Science Technician

    Agricultural and Food Science Technician – This professional helps scientists investigate and test crops and other food items. You can get hired for this occupation with a high school diploma. As this career usually offers on-the-job training, you can improve your skills and consider pursuing further education while working.

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