Country Christmas

Country Christmas Artist – Dustin Lynch

About Dustin: Dustin has already scored seven Number One singles, six Gold or Platinum certifications, and membership in the historic Grand Ole Opry. But his fourth album, Tullahoma, marks a true moment of arrival, a leap from rising star to career artist. Featuring the stunning duet “Thinking ‘Bout You” with Lauren Alaina and contributions from writers including Florida Georgia Line’s Brian Kelley, Old Dominion’s Matt Ramsey, and the late producer/songwriter busbee, Tullahoma is Lynch’s most personal and ambitious statement to date, depicting the lives and feelings of small-town America. Tullahoma’s track list includes his most-recent Number One hits, “Good Girl” and “Ridin’ Roads,” alongside the two additional songs on his 2019 Ridin’ Roads EP. Lynch has six writing credits on the album (the most he has ever had on one project), and for the first time, collaborated with a single producer, his longtime friend Zach Crowell, for the entire album. “After ‘Small Town Boy’ and ‘Good Girl,’ Zach and I had some confidence in our process,” he says. “And it’s a very unique process, sprinkling different instruments on a little bit at a time. There’s no rush. It’s as organic as it can get.” In the meantime, Dustin Lynch’s new level of confidence comes through in the driving sound and blazing focus of this latest collection of songs.  “My hope for the Tullahoma album,” he says, “is to show everybody that we know who we are, this is our lane, and we’re going to drive in it for a while.” Watch Dustin: Follow Dustin: Photos: [gallery ids="251192,251193,251194,251195,251196,251197,251198,251199,251200,251201,251202,251203,251204,"]