Luke Combs’ wife Nicole caught up with fans and took questions on her Insta stories yesterday (7/19) and thanked supporters for their concern about her mental health since baby boy Tex was born.

When asked how her health was after Tex was born, she replied, “So many (and I mean so many) of you have checked in on me and my mental health…I can’t thank you enough. You truly are the best people around. Thankfully I’ve been doing great physically and mentally.”

Nicole also noted that the one-month-old baby boy is a good sleeper. She wrote, “Yes, for the most part. I usually have to wake him up! Very thankful.” She was also very pleased with the whole baby birthing experience. She offered, “Incredible. The nurses, doctors, and staff, everyone, were amazing. Truly loved the hospital I delivered at and couldn’t have been more thankful for everyone. It was the recovery that was (crazy emoji).”

Tex Lawrence Combs was born on Father's Day June 19, 2022.

Luke And Nicole