After 30 years of marriage and five children, including Miley Cyrus, Tish Cyrus has filed for divorce from Billy Ray Cyrus. According to court records in Tennessee, Tish filed last week. Their youngest child is 22-year-old Noah, so the couple doesn’t have to deal with any custody issues.

According to gossip site TMZ, the divorce docs say the couple hasn’t lived together for more than two years. Tish lists “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the split. She’s asking the court to distribute all marital assets equally.

This is actually the third time the couple has filed for divorce. Billy Ray filed in 2010, that was called off, and in 2013 Tish filed, it too was called off.

The Cyrus’ got married in 1993 in their living room in Franklin, Tennessee. Miley did the same when she and Liam Hemsworth got married in the same spot in 2018. Miley and Liam finalized their divorce in January 2020.

Billy Ray Cyrus