Maren Morris gets a lot out of listening to Taylor Swift’s music and when asked by Bustle in an interview who in music “gets her,” she cites the superstar.

Maren offered, “I always hear my perspective, whether it’s spot on or allows me to see or hear something new when Taylor Swift puts — or re-puts — music out. Her starting in country music and being a songwriter, she really changed so much of the game for women in this genre.”

She added, “Every time she puts a new record out, I feel like I’m really listening to a masterclass in songwriting, but also someone that’s been living inside my brain.”

Morris is just a month away (3/25) from releasing her new album, Humble Quest.

She posted to Instagram, “been biting my tongue behind a smile… 1 month till #HumbleQuest 🛣️.”

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