Brad Paisley preceded the largest fireworks display in the country when he played Nashville’s 4th of July Celebration to over 350,000 fans gathered on the streets of Music City.

Brad talked to MSNBC before he took the stage on Sunday night (7/4). He said of returning to the stage in a big way, “The idea of getting back out there, kinda of ‘we’re back’ really feels great!”

He added of what the country and Nashville has gone through in the last year saying, “When I saw what all we went through, a bombing, a flood, a tornado, a pandemic, the music business shut down. To be able to celebrate what we as a city and what we stand for musically, I can’t wait to look at the people when I sing.”

Paisley also knew how much a big crowd like this means to all Americans, “I think this means everything for the country. We need to experience music in an open-air setting together shoulder to shoulder, the collective experience of things like this as well as just the idea economically of what it means to my industry. These people were just devastated by this and the fact that we’re all going back out on the road, it’s the first of many of these all summer long, and to be able to celebrate that we’re in a good place.”

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