Brad Paisley and his wife Kimberly Williams- Paisley have been married for 18 years now and they are as happy as ever. The couple grace the cover of People magazine this week.

The couple tell People that on each wedding anniversary, they have a tradition: they sit down together with a special journal and write down their favorite memories from the past year. Kimberly says, “Our greatest hits. We record the meaningful moments, the best laughs. That’s a big part of our relationship—focusing on the laughter and keeping a sense of play.”

Brad offers, “A lot of married couples would rather do anything but spend the evening together. That’s not the case in our house.”

When the pandemic hit, the couple spent more time together than they ever have as he got off the road and she stopped the TV projects she was working on. Paisley shares, “She’s used to three days a week at minimum that I’m gone, so we’ve learned a lot about ourselves this year,” he then broke into a grin as he turns to his wife. “I figured out I really like being around you!”

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