Lauren Alainanrecently experienced a young fan in her autograph line that reminded her a lot of herself; the girl got so excited to meet the singer, she started crying.

Alaina posted a photo to Instagram, showing her hugging the young fan, “I told this little girl with tears streaming down her face that I did the exact same thing when I met @carrieunderwood when I was on American Idol. I got so excited when I saw Carrie in the room that I started sobbing. After I said this to this little girl, I had this crazy moment. I thought, ‘Does my music have the same impact on her that Carrie’s music has on me?!’ I can only hope that my music means as much to little girls (and people of all ages) as Carrie’s music means to me.”

She continued, “I am overwhelmed with joy and happiness from my first-ever headlining tour. I can’t believe we sold it out. I can’t believe I got to meet so many amazing people that my music has reached. Thank you @verabradley for sponsoring my tour and making moments like this happen in meet and greets in different cities along the way. I can’t believe that the little girl from Rossville, Georgia with stars in her eyes, a dream in her heart and music in her soul always believed this would happen. I’m so thankful for the younger me. “A little girl with a dream, and THAT GIRL WAS ME (tour).”