As you know, Cole Swindell recently released his brand new album, ‘All Of It,’ much to the delight of fans.

Upon listening to the album, there’s one song in particular that has had a profound effect on listeners — Especially those who have lost their dad.

For the record, every single song on ‘All Of It’ is amazing, but “Dad’s Old Number” resonates with people who have lost a loved one.

For those familiar with Cole’s music, you know it’s not the first time he’s released a song about missing his father.

In 2015, the country singer released “You Should Be Here,” in memory of his dad — Who passed away in 2013.

Now, three years after “You Should Be Here,” was released, Swindell sings about calling his dad’s old phone number — Even though deep down he knows the person on the other end of the line isn’t his dad.

Although Cole did not personally pen “Dad’s Old Number,” no doubt the emotion is evident in his voice, as he has indeed dialed his dad’s old number before.

If you haven’t listened to the song yet, grab some tissues and hit play below.

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