Trying to digitally detox from your smartphone? There are a few things you can do to unplug, just for a little while. 

Your mental health is priority number one in life – you can’t live without your mind, know what I mean? So, if you need a break to loosen up your head, get away from some negativity in the world, and more, the best way to do that follows the few tips below and unplug.


Be sure to let people know you’re unplugging:

Some people post on Facebook that they’re disconnecting, but if you’re more private than that, let the people closest to you know that you just need to go tech-free for a little bit. They won’t panic and blow you up, and you get some peace and quiet.


If you can’t completely unplug:

You can always unplug for a little bit of time. iOS 12 is going to have restrictive limits for your apps, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create your own unplugging times and limits on your mind.


Don’t underestimate airplane mode:

Want to read a book on your phone? Download it to the device and flip on airplane mode. Got music on your phone? Activate airplane mode and rock out. Are you out on a date? Airplane mode. Focus on the grand time you’re having together. Social media can wait.


Do things that don’t require social media:

Read an actual book, watch some TV, go for a walk. Do activities with friends and loved ones. Put the phone down.


Leave your phone in another room charging:

This one works best for me. If I want to watch a program with my fiance, read a book, or just relax and do nothing, if I put my phone in another room, I’m less tempted to use it.


If you use any of these little tips and tricks, you’ll be able to feel a little more of your brain power coming back – and more importantly, be a little more in the world.

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