Eric Church Releases Gritty New Teaser for "Solid"

A week after previewing his most recent song "Hippie Radi"o    Eric gives us a new teaser. This time it's for the ninth track on his upcoming album "Desperate Man".  It's a gritty declaration of the roots that make up his foundation, keeping him strong and stable “Solid,” the 9th track from the upcoming album Desperate…

Could You Give Up Social Media For A Month

Wow!  The Royal Society for Public Health asked people to give up social media for 30 days for what they are naming Scroll-Free September.    2,000 people have pledged to ditch the "Big 5" Social platforms for the month. And many more people are gonna take part in some way It is meant to be a…

Brett Eldredge And Meghan Trainor On "CMT Crossroads"

Brett Eldredge and Meghan Trainor will be on the next "CMT Crossroads"  on September 3rd, but you can get a sample of the show now with a video of them performing Meghan's song "No Excuses" Whats your favorite CMT Crossroads?  One of mine is Lindsey Buckingham & Little Big Town.