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Meet Amber

Amber is 12-weeks-old and came in with her mom and her two siblings to Pet Pal Animal Shelter.  She is a hound mix and her mom is 80 pounds.

Motivational Kid Quote - You're ______ Than You Think

We're bringing you the best and brightest way to get your day started, with Motivational Kid Quotes! It's kids reading their favorite quotes, and some even make up their own! If you want your child to give a quote to motivate Tampa Bay call 727-563-8947 and leave a voicemail. (Shutterstock/Rawpixel.com)

Garth Brooks Plays Notre Dame In The Snow

Garth Brooks played Notre Dame Stadium on Saturday night and rain, sleet and snow didn't stop him from performing for the 85,000 fans.  It was the first concert at Notre Dame Stadium in its 88-year history and it won't be Garth's last at the stadium.

Florida Is Due A Mega Millions JACKPOT WINNER!

Mega Millions has become, MEGA BILLION!  After no Jackpot winner on Friday night, the jackpot figure soared to 1.6 Billion, and will climb even higher, a record, and just a flat-out lot of money!  At some point, someone, or a group of someones', are going to have a life-changing moment.