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Facebook Fights! - Dont Add Me!!

This Facebook sctreen grab... is about Facebook!! Ever had a friend add you to a group without permission? This guy was NOT having it.  Check out what happens when we read the screen grabs from Facebook arguments sent to us by fans! Got drama? See drama? Screenshot it & send it to us!! [email protected] or…

Woman Plans To Quit Her Job TODAY

In recent months, more people than ever are quitting their jobs. Thanks to a growing economy and a better job landscape, employees are opting to start their own businesses or simply look elsewhere. We met a woman who is actually on her way to work to quit TODAY!!!

Baby Named After Boyfriend's Ex

A Tampa woman on a board for new moms was venting about her baby daughter's name. She had just found out that "Sophie" was the name of one of her boyfriend's exes. Some were suggesting she change the name. Listen to the story... and one woman's response to how she named her sons after exes!!

Marc's Father / Son Firsts

Recently, Marc has been experiencing some pretty awesome first-time experiences with his 11 year-old son, Tyler. During their family vacation in the mountains, Tyler shot a BB gun for the first time. Yesterday, the two cruised the Gulf together. Tyler hadn't experienced that before, and he even caught several fish! Listen to Guy also share…

Brandon Mom Waits 7.5 Hours For Build A Bear

Build-A-Bear Workshop's "Pay Your Age" promotion had parents going bonkers!! Lines at stores all over the country were chaotic. Some locations were breaking up fights and most had to shut down the lines. Locally, families waited eight hours or more!  We spoke with Katelyn, who waited seven and a half hours with her 4 year-old…

Facebook Fights! - Fireworks

Fourth of July fireworks are awesome. ON the fourth of July. In this Facebook Fight, a fan screenshotted an argument happening on a Lakeland community page. Neighbors went after a guy who was celebrating after the 4th... and a little late. Got drama? See drama? Screenshot it & send it to us!! [email protected] or [email protected]

Marc Saves Nemos Life

Marc's neighbors went out of town on vacation. The neighbors own a salt water aquarium, and they asked Marc's 11 year-old son, Tyler, to look after the tank. When they went over to feed the fish, one was missing... Nemo. What ensued next was a crazy adventure to save the life of this fish and…