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Is It Okay To Not Wear Your Wedding Ring?

Marc and Kevin are both married men. Neither of them are currently wearing their wedding ring. They both have different, yet very innocent, reasons for why they don't. While Veronica is currently unmarried, she always wore hers when she was married. She believes it's a sign of commitment. Is it okay to not wear one?

Greg Dee Memorial Day Forecast

With the three day weekend approaching, and spaghetti models on the weather map, we checked in with Greg Dee, ABC Action News meteorologist, about what we can expect for the next several days. Although, as of this point, nothing official has formed yet, he will be keeping an eye out. When's the best time to…

30 And Living At Home

We thought that the story of a 30 year-old man in New York, who was still living at home mooching off his parents, was pretty bad! The parents took him to court to get him evicted. Apparently, this is nothing compared to some of the people our fans know that haven't left the nest yet!!!

Teacher Summer Jobs

Some teachers stretch their paycheck through the entire year, and some teachers choose to take up a Summer job. Check out some of these cool part-time gigs available for extra money... And then there's on Bay Area teacher who makes money in a very unique way. So unique, she asked us to use the voice…

Where Tattoos Hurt Worst

With the Tampa Bay Lightning facing Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals tonight, and Marc facing the reality of having to get a Lightning tattoo, we're taking a look at what body part he should put the potential ink on. What body part would actually hurt the worst? And do any of those on…