Secret Sound Guesses

Each weekday, the Secret Sound will play at 7a, 9a, noon, 3pm and 5pm.  Caller #9 to 1-800-992-1099 will get their shot at guessing the Secret Sound!

Round 4 for $20,000!!!

Guess #1 - "Kevin trying a new shirt in the dressing room, looking all spiffy, and kicking open the door"  - Ryan from New Port Richey
Guess #2 - "Veronica walking into the studio, finding a bug on the wall, and throwing her shoes at it" - Lisa from Seffner
Guess #3 - "A golden ring dropping" - Curtis from Brandon
Guess #4 - "Necklace falling down" - Cindy from Spring Hill
Guess #5 - "Veronica throwing her cowboy boots in the bed of a truck at the Zac Brown Band concert" - Carlie in St Petersburg
Guess #6 - "Cadillac Jack is at the Midflorida Credit Union Amp opening the grill and pouring in charcoal" - Frank from Lakeland
Guess #7 - "A basketball going into a basketball net" - Corey from Homosassa
Guess #8 - "A tablet being put in a table with a ball rolling off table" - Wanda from Clearwater
Guess #9 - "A DJ from QYK tapping the microphone testing it before the shift starts" - Margaret from Zephyrhills
Guess #10 - "Digging out charcoal your charcoal grill for your tailgate party" - Dean in St. Petersburg
Guess #11 - "Veronica wearing a WQYK T-Shirt holding her phone up to her ear in a bathroom stall fighting with the lock at the Amphitheater" - Stephanie from New Port Richey
Guess #12 - "Opening the tailgate of a Crown GMC pickup truck throwing in a tire and closing it" - Becky from Pinellas
Guess #13 - "Someone at a tailgating party pulling the QYK spinner out of the truck" - London from Winter Haven
Guess #14 - "Veronica wearing a QYK t-shirt falling backwards into the bed of a truck at the amphitheater tailgate party" - Pam from Temple Terrace
Guess #15 - "A keg being thrown in the back of a tailgate after everyone's partied and drank it all" - Bridgette in St. Petersburg
Guess #16 - "A kid going to their room" - Tim from Riverview
Guess #17 - "Opening the back of a tailgate and throwing empty boxes into it" - Courtney from Spring Hill
Guess #18 - "Someone putting Alexis down on table and knocking it over with a QYK hat" - Toby from Seffner
Guess #19 - "Throwing dog treats in the back of a pick up truck and a dog jumping in the back to get them" - Carrie from Lutz
Guess #20 - "Someone dropping a phone in the back of a truck" - Jordan in Riverview
Guess #21 - "A recording a someone dribbling basketballs on top of a tailgate" - Dana from Spring Hill
Guess #22 - "Dropping a rumba into the back of a Ford pickup truck" - John from New Port Richey
Guess #23 - “A door shutting” - Tina from Sarasota
Guess #24 - "Marc wearing overalls backwards, throwing a cellphone into a tin can with some keys" - Toreece from Tampa
Guess #25 - "Veronica in a QYK neon t-shirt setting an Amazon Echo in the back of a Crown Buick GMC Sierra pickup truck then closing the tailgate" - Jill in Clearwater
Guess #26 - "Going through the drive-thru at Burger King and dropping your iPhone" - Dean from St. Pete
Guess #27 - "Banging an Amazon Echo against a box of QYK Neon T-Shirt’s that is sitting on a tailgate" - Deanne from Brandon
Guess #28 - "Marbles dropping into a guitar in the back of a truck at a Jason Aldean concert" - Mike from Madeira Beach
Guess #29 - "Loading an Amazon Echo into the back of a Crown Buick GM Sierra closing a tailgate for a QYK tailgate party" - Christina from Tampa
Guess #30 - "A drone delivering packages that i ordered from the Amazon warehouse in Tampa" - Dean in St. Petersburg
Guess #31 - "Veronica standing at the back of a truck, talking on a phone, dropping the tailgate, dragging a cooler to the back of the truck, opening it up, grabbing a Yuengling, opening it up and tossing the cap into the bed of the truck" - Lisa from Seffner
Guess #32 - "Getting a Coca-Cola out of the vending machine" - David from Mulberry

Guess #33 - “Dropping a drum in the back of a GMC Sierra pickup with a yuengling beer and an iPhone dropping onto the drum ” - Dianne from Riverview

Guess #34 - "A Yuengling bottle of beer in a cooler in the back of a Dimmitt Chevy truck being unloaded at the Amp for a tailgate party" - Rachel from Tampa
Guess #35 - "Veronica dropping Yuengling bottle caps onto a drum in the bed of a pickup truck" - Amber from Clearwater

Guess #36 - “Bongos” - Kim from Spring Hill

Guess #37 - “Dropping beer bottle caps from a Yuengling onto a drum while recording it with an Amazon Alexa” - Graden from Clearwater

Guess #38 - "Pushing in a base drum into the back of a Crown Buick GMC pickup truck pushing in a 6 pack of Yuengling Light knowing over an Amazon echo" - John from Clearwater

Guess #39 - "A 12 pack of Yuengling falling onto a drum in the back of a Sierra truck" - Rita from Tampa
Guess #40 - "Setting down a drum and placing an iPhone plus on it and a Yuengling lager hat and a QYK Neon t-shirt" - Richard in Tampa
Guess #41 - "Veronica is reaching into a cooler for a Yuengling at a tailgate party. While they are listening to music the Alexa is sitting on the cooler and she knocks it over into the back of the truck" - Jeannie from Zephyrhills

Guess #42 - "Dropping a cell phone, a bottle of Yuengling and a QYK hat on a drum" - Donnie from Zephyrhills
Guess #43 - "Opening the tailgate of a GMC pickup placing a drum in the back of the truck, dropping a QYK hat, a bottle of Yuengling and an electric speaker onto the drum" - Becky from Pinellas Park

Guess #44 - “A keg” - Denise from Spring Hill
Guess #45 - "Lowering the tailgate of a GMC pick up truck and dropping a qyk hat and an iphone while putting a keg of Yuengling in the back" - Patty in Riverview

Guess #46 - “Placing a bottle of Yuengling on a drum, dropping an Amazon Echo Dot onto of the drum, putting down Crown GMC hat and putting an iPhone plus onto the drum” - Anna from Tampa

Guess #47 - “A drum of Yuengling beer being put into the back of a GMC pickup and knocking over an Amazon Echo Plus” - Shelley from Riverview

Guess #47 - “Taking a bottle of Yuengling beer on a drum and crown GMC hat and an amazon echo dot and an iphone 7 plus dropping onto a drum" - Lisa from Lutz

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