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Disney Movie Plot Theater - Headstrong

If you really break it down, most of the plots from Disney movies sound like a Dateline episode! Can you identify this classic Disney movie based on the dramatic reading of its plot? This week's episode is about a young woman whose refusal to get married ends up hurting her mother physically and emotionally!

Facebook Fights! - Vegans Versus

Another great screen shot from one of our fans! When you see drama on Facebook, we act it out on the radio. Today's Facebook Fight is between some coworkers who disagree on eating meat. Got drama? See drama? Screenshot it & send it to us!! [email protected] or [email protected] We'll change names upon request...

What Is The Most Honest Thing You've Ever Done?

A family in North Carolina was recently sent a check for a million dollars by their bank. It was a real check, made out to them. Clearly it was a bank error. After praying on it, the family decided to do the honest thing and return the check, rather than depositing this life-changing money. The…