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Parenting On The Fly - Creative Ways To Calm Kids

Marc's daughter came to him with a pain in her foot. She claimed that it was unbearable and she wouldn't be able to sleep. On the fly, Marc came up with a tactic, combining The Karate Kid's Mr. Miagi & the Indian spirits, to help soothe her. It worked! Check out these other creative parenting…

Deep Fried Nashville - Golden Retriever Puppy Is Kelsea Ballerini's Producer

A couple of weeks ago, we revealed that Kelsea Ballerini was excited to work with EDM duo the Chainsmokers. Now, they're teasing a snippet of the project they're releasing soon! And it looks like a golden retriever puppy is featured in the video! View this post on Instagram Bark! The boys are in Denver but…

Marc Sends A Text During An Inappropriate Time

Marc has a tradition with a long-time friend. During football games, they text each other - joking and trash talking. This past weekend was no exception for Marc. However, Marc's buddy didn't respond to the texts.  Marc found out why early this morning. And now he's looking for advice on how to respond to his…

Deep Fried Nashville - Carrie Underwood Gets Deeply Personal

Carrie Underwood revealed on CBS Sunday Morning that she suffered several miscarriages in the past couple of years. Carrie gets so deeply personal in the interview. Marc & Veronica play a piece of her conversation and talk about what a gift Carrie's message is for her fans.