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99.5 QYK Neon T-Shirts: How Does It Work?

YOU: It’s concert day. And I’ve just gotta meet the band!

US: It’s concert day. And the band’s manager just gave us a few extra meet & greet passes or a contest winner no-showed. It’s too late to do a call-in contest. We’re already at the show!

THE ANSWER? 99.5 QYK Neon green t-shirts!

Hey it’s Geno from 99.5 QYK. I’ve been with the station for a couple years and it’s always a lot of fun on concert day. Meeting the artists we play is one of the coolest perks of the job. And what’s better is we get the chance to bring some of our listeners along with us for the experience.

So how does it work?
When that scenario plays out where we have extra meet and greet passes or maybe up front seats, that’s when we start looking out into the crowd for 99.5 QYK Neon T-Shirts. We’ve given out thousands of them over the years. It’s great because whether it’s The Amphitheater or Raymond James Stadium… that neon color stands out so it makes 99.5 QYK listeners easy to spot.


Do I have to be somewhere in particular?

Not really. My advice is to just be where the most people are. I wouldn’t hang around the QYK tent. Too obvious! I’d go where the biggest crowd is. Meet and greets usually happen an hour or two before the concert after the band does their soundcheck. Very few bands do the meet and greet after the show. So get to the concert as early as possible. If the show is at 7, arrive around 4. We will walk around tailgate parties in the parking lot, up on the lawn… everywhere.

What if I don’t have one? Where can I get one?

So if it’s concert day and it’s an artist you hear on 99.5 QYK, dig out that WQYK Neon T! If you don’t have one, find one that looks like and it decorate it with the logo yourself! Or click the QYK Events page to find out where we’ll be giving out official 99.5 QYK Neon T’s next! But again, don’t have a 99.5 QYK Neon T? Make one! It worked for these fans below who got to meet Florida Georgia Line! There are only 2 important things: make sure it’s bright neon green and make sure it says 99.5 QYK on the front and back!

Are you doing it for the __________ concert?

Keep in mind too that concert days are hectic and things change last minute. Some artists do meet and greets. Others do not. Sometimes there are no extras or the artist isn’t feeling well or gets to the venue late and has to cancel the meet & greet. But if you’re at an event where 99.5 QYK is on the scene, there’s a good chance! 99.5 QYK Neon T’s are your best bet to get a seat upgrade or meet the artist. It makes it super easy for us to find you fast!