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Why We Love This Dual Fuel Generator. Dual Fuel means it can operate on Gasoline or Propane. You’ll appreciate this option if you wind up using generator power for more than a few days. Still need to plan ahead. We keep extra fuel on hand during the “entire hurricane season” every year. If you use propane for grilling or camping, it’s easy and convenient to get a Larger Propane tank to keep at home. The smaller tanks can be extra expensive. They do not last long, but they work also, in a pinch. Same goes with Gasoline. We keep a few extra 5 gallon containers on hand during hurricane season, and use the leftover fuel for vehicles after. You can get a gasoline stabilizer if you go more than 3 – months, but we rarely do. I put tape labels on each can with a date just to make sure.

  • Dual Fuel Generator Operates With Gasoline Or Propane



  • Battery Allows For Quick Electric Start When Needed


  • This Generator Also Has A Pull Start Option

    Pull Start