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Why Has Hillsborough County Lost 1,800 Teachers In Last Year? Hillsborough County is one of the regions biggest employers. Losing almost 2,000 employees in a year would devastate any traditional business, right? But, this business, is our kids. Superintendent Addison Davis says “Throughout the state and nation, the great resignation is in front of us.” ” It’s been difficult times, but we’re trying to work through it every single day.” They currently have 700 vacancies and 15,000 kids in need of certified teachers. Source TBBJ

Why are they leaving?

  • Low Wages

    The Governor raised starting pay from $40,000 to $47,000, but Hillsborough County has salary locks for up to 7 years.

  • Retirement

    Not being able to bring in new teachers because of low salaries and high living expenses in the county  means retiring teachers impact the system more than usual. Estimated total pay for a Retired Hillsborough County School teacher is $61,787 per year.

  • General Burnout

    Let’s not forget the added stress teachers are enduring year after year. Remote teaching in some cases, parental pressure, political pressure. And, often expected to protect and police in addition to teaching students.