Why Did NASA Scrub The Artemis Test Flight Mission Again? Can we get to the moon, really? Is it costing $4.1 Billion bucks? Yep. With a price tag near $4.1 billion bucks, this first test flight in NASA’s Artemis program is supposed to get us back to the moon. NASA had to back off the latest moon launch on Saturday, again. Fuel leak, again. The first launch was scrubbed earlier in the week because of a Hydrogen leak on their most powerful rocket ever. Head honcho over at NASA, Bill Nelson says the repairs may push the next test flight launch in to October. Source TBT

  • What's The Plan Now?

    After the Holiday weekend, there’s a two week launch blackout that kicks in now. So the 322 Foot rocket comes off the pad.

  • What Happened This Time?

    A bad leak in one of the lines of super cold hydrogen. Ground control says they tried to close a leak in the supply line more than once with zero success.


  • Where Did All These People Come From?

    NASA was prepared for the crowds. Thousands flocked to the Space Coast to see the Artemis launch, and again, were told to turn around and go home. For now.  If you did any traveling in North, Central, or East Florida, you felt the crowds in both directions.  Nelson says “This is part of our space program: Be ready for the scrubs.”

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