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Which Florida City Made The Top 10 List Of Highest Rents In The Country? Can you guess the U.S. city with the most expensive rent? Bet you won’t get it on the first try – or maybe even the second or third. According to a report by Rent, that title goes to Jersey City, New Jersey.  Right down the road from where I was born in Sayreville, New Jersey. Jersey City, right across the Hudson River from New York, commands average rents of $5,500, according to the report. That’s $500 more than the average rental in NYC.

Here are the 10 cities with the highest rent in the U.S.:

  • 1. Jersey City, New Jersey

    Average Rent $5,500

  • 2. Boston, Massachusetts

    Average Rent $4,878

  • 3. Palo Alto, California

    Average Rent $4,672

  • 4. Glendale, California

    Average Rent $4,472

  • 5. Santa Monica, California

    Average Rent $4,357

  • 6. Coral Gables, Florida

    Average Rent $4,310

  • 7. Hoboken, New Jersey

    Average Rent $4,264

  • 8. Redmond, Washington

    Average Rent $4,222

  • 9. San Diego, California

    Average Rent $4,202

  • 10. Newport Beach, California

    Average Rent $4,178