5 Things To Know About Monkey Pox Case In Pinellas County. You knew it would happen in time. Well, it’s time. Pinellas health officials say they have first confirmed Monkey Pox case. We’re up to 22 cases in Florida.

Source News Channel 8

  • 1. Other Cases In Florida

    Cases also reported in Broward, Collier, Miami-Dade, Orange, Palm Beach and Seminole counties.

  • 2. How It Starts

    Florida Department Of Health says  Monkey pox most often begins with flu-like symptoms, followed by lymph node swelling, and then a rash on face and or body.
    Monkeypox Testing Site

  • 3. Timetable

    Transmission usually happens after human-to-human contact, and shows within 14 days. In most cases Monkey Pox illness will usually last 2 to 4 weeks.”

  • 4. Prevention

    There is a vaccine available in some areas. The Department Of Health encourages a person to get vaccinated within 2 weeks of possible exposure.

  • 5. Will I Get It?

    Health department says risk is actually low. Human to human contact, and prolonged face to face contact increases transmission. Also direct contact with rash, or contact with contaminated clothing. Anyone with job related risk may want to get the vaccine in advance.

    Monkey Pox Lesions

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