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What Tampa Bay Pet Owners Do When They Leave Home. All dog owners think they know what their pets are doing when they’re left home alone, but unless you have a camera set up to watch them, you really have no idea. That doesn’t stop us from doing things like leaving the TV on for them to watch, or giving them lots of toys to play with while we’re away. A recent poll asked dog owners what they do for their fur babies when they leave them home alone. When the owner’s away – the pets will play? LOL.

  • I Know You Do This...

    87% of people always say goodbye to their dogs before leaving the house. “you guys be good, OK?”

  • Yes. We Do This Too...

    Most pet owners say they leave electronic devices, like TVs and radios, on for them.  “Princess Kitten” only watches Public TV or Harry Potter Movies.


  • Does Your Pet Watch Animal Planet?

    38% of people who leave the TV on believe their dogs actually sit and watch while they’re home alone. The most popular channel they leave on is Animal Planet.

  • Our Dogs Love 99.5 WQYK. Jus' Sayin. Because They're Smart !

    64% believe their dogs enjoy listening to music.

    Smart Pup

  • Pick Up Toys Every Day, Don't You?

    Other dog owners say they leave out a lot of toys for them to play with. They also make sure to leave the blinds open and give them a treat. Some can’t wait to get home to play with their toys. Are we there yet? 
    Pup Cruiser

  • We Don't Go On vacation Without Them, Do You?

    51% said they would leave the house more often if they didn’t have a dog.

    Pet Vacation