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What Do Tampa Bay Area Women Want? Sort of a loaded question, right? Who knows what women want? Even Mel Gibson had a hard time and he did the movie. Do Tampa women want more trips to the beach, and a guy with a beach body? Pinellas County women may want more of the downtown Tampa Vibe and a dude with the ole’ dad bod? Who knows? Maybe Pasco County women want a man who makes good money and can rope a horse? We do know this, – all three want kindness!

Or at least we think we know. A recent international survey was sent out to almost 70,000 women in 180 countries. Here’s what they found out about What Women Want. Check out the Top 4 below…

  • 1 Kindnesss

    The number 1 trait women look for in a partner. Good news guys, being kind often doesn’t cost a penny.

  • 2 Supportiveness

    87% of women in the survey said that was the best quality for their significant other to own. We can support that guys, right?

  • 3 Intelligence

    Almost 72% of women say they do want a highly intelligent partner.  Looks like Nerds can be cool.  Maybe a Physicist? I’m out. Unless smarty pants counts?

  • 4 Attractive Body

    Just 22% of women said a hot dude body is important. So, maybe we got a shot, right men.  Just need to hit the gym for a few months and start that intermittent fasting thing. LOL. Or are they fibbin?