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We’ve All Heard Of Quiet Quitting See Here If Your Boss Is Quiet Firing You. You may be working right next to a person right now who is “Quiet Quitting.” Are they doing the “bare minimum” to keep the job? Haaa. That’s the one. But, hold on. Now we’re told your employer, or someone else’s employer may be “Quiet Firing” you, or someone you know. What is Quiet Firing? Some employers may make it a “little tuff” on you hoping you do “quit” you job. Why would they do that and not just “fire” you? It may save them from having to pay a severance or going through a lengthy performance-improvement plan. No matter, it creates a toxic work environment to say the least. And, It’s just plain mean. Are you being “Quiet Fired”? Check the signs below to see if someone may be Quiet Firing you. Source The Hill

  • Not giving you a raise.

    Come to think of it. How long has it been? A year? Two? Maybe they’re after me to quit! It’s nice to think they’ll miss you. But they have someone else in mind who’ll do it for less. A lot less.

  • Passing you over for promotion.

    Nothing like seeing all the co-workers kiss the boss’s behind to get ahead. But then you’ve been kissing too. What gives? Everyone gets a promotion, but you’re told “We really need you here?”

  • Overburdening you with busy work.

    When the boss says, “Hey, you’d be real good at shuffling these papers, and be sure and restock those paper clips every day. And let’s take it to the next level and post all your busy work on our social media pages. We have 324 of those. That’d be great!”

  • Giving you a poor review without specifics for improvement.

    Sometimes the boss is right when she (he) says we can do a better job. Let’s make sure we add in a how and why when possible, boss?

  • Purposely giving you tasks you don’t like.

    Who’s turn is it to take out the trash? Wait. Not a good example. Some of us would do anything to get out of this office for even a minute. Taking out the trash here is one of our favorite jobs.

  • Changing your role abruptly.

    When the boss comes in and congratulates you for being the new Social Media Czar, you know things are about to get dicey. Because no one else want to do it. LOL