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What is the worst state to die in? Here’s the list. From an intuitive standpoint, I would think Florida would be a good place to kick the bucket. On the other hand, I might think the worst state to die in is “the one I am in now” wherever and whenever that is?

We know it’s a good place to retire to, so wouldn’t it seem that dying in the Sunshine State would be a good thing, too? It would just follow suit. But there’s a new list that was put out by Policy Genius that ranks the states’ favorability when it comes to perishing.

You might not give a lot of thought to where you want to be living when you die, but surely, at the end of your life, you want to go peacefully and leave what you want to your loved ones.

Anne Neumann is the author of The Good Death: An Exploration of Dying in America. “Dying can be made more difficult by stress, disorientation, isolation, pain, not understanding one’s circumstances and other factors.” Assuming one doesn’t die in an accident, most of us want to go with our dearest loves around us, fulfilled, and not in pain. So which states favor this ending? Vermont is best with very manageable funeral and burial costs. Florida! We’re # 1!

The study looked at factors beyond funeral and burial costs. It also examined which states had the best and worst palliative care and Medicare providers.

Here’s the list.  The worst states to die in:

  • #1. Florida

    Funeral costs: $7,667 Funeral homes: 28 Green burial: 0.84% Palliative care: 64.5% Medicare providers: 4,257 Deaths at home: 29.2% Probate shortcut: $75,000

  • #2 Alaska

    Funeral costs: $9,913 Funeral homes: 17 Green burial: 0 Palliative care: 42.9% Medicare providers: 14,566 Deaths at home: 43.4% Probate shortcut: $50,000

  • #3 Texas

    Funeral costs: $7,148 Funeral homes: 31 Green burial: 0.6% Palliative care: 52.2% Medicare providers: 6,173 Deaths at home: 33.0% Probate shortcut: $75,000

  • #4 Hawaii

    Funeral costs: $15,203 Funeral services: 18 Green burial: 3.70% Palliative care: 66.7% Medicare providers: 5,079 Deaths at home: 37.39% Probate shortcut: $100,000

  • #5 New York

    Funeral costs: $10,355 Funeral homes: 52 Green burial: 1.1% Palliative care: 80.8% Medicare providers: 7,131 Deaths at home: 29.7% Probate shortcut: $50,000

  • #6 New Jersey

    Funeral costs: $9,154 Funeral homes: 50 Green burial: 0.6% Palliative care: 91.8% Medicare: 7,098 Deaths at home: 29.9% Probate shortcut: $50,000