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We See These Baby Dolphins Almost Daily. Everyone loves the Dolphins, Right! Not the football team, our neighbors in The Gulf. About three weeks ago we saw 2 Newborns with their mommas. My daughter tried to get videos and did get some great close up shots before dropping her iPhone in the gulf. Ooooops. I don’t always take cameras or GoPros but of course I should.

I’ve seen mommas and baby dolphins almost every paddle since. Today I came on them jumping, playing, and eating. Did grab the camera and get a couple quick shots. Check it out.

  • Look One Over There ; ) After They Jumped We Grabbed Camera

  • Dolphins Playing all Around

  • Another Calm Day For 3 Mile Paddle

    Off Shore Paddle

  • Heading Out. Way Out.

    Heading Out

  • SUP Social Distancing - I've Been Doing For 15 Years

    Indian Shores Beach