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Watch for motorcycles Tampa Bay. Did you know – May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month? This year at a particularly crucial time. Traffic is returning to pre-pandemic levels, families are planning for summer road trips, and interest in motorcycling — for commuting and recreation — is seeing strong growth. Watch for motorcycles! Please ?

Check out some of my favorite bikes below, including the last 4 I’ve ridden here in Florida. I’ve always loved motorcycles. Rode a Kawasaki 125 to high school most days. After college, living in North Georgia, I bought a big Yamaha. After that, went through many years not riding. But, as our kids got older and we moved to Florida, I got back on 15 years ago.

  • Suzuki 125 Was The Bike In High School

    Had one like this in high school. Would ride it to school, and go home the long route so I could jump it on some nicely made jumps near our local lumbar yard. I worked at the yard, and some guys there used their equipment to build a course.

    Suzuki 125 Motorcycle

  • Had A Yamaha Similar To This After College

    Worth noting here, (In Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month) I got hit from behind at a red light in Atlanta. Guy in a pickup truck was stopping, but distracted lighting a cigarette, and bumped me out in to the intersection. This is why to this day I always angle my front wheel off the road when I come to a stop, in case of a bump. I was lucky that day the passing cars missed me. The man who hit me got out of his car and cried. No, really.


  • Suzuki M50

    Here’s a Suzuki M50 I rode to Key west. Kinda small for that, but had to 😉 Was only 850cc’s. You can see how light I traveled. I was not prepared. No one cared.


  • Kawasaki K2

    After the ride to Key west, we decided maybe a little more bike would help. Got this stripped down K2, Kawasaki 2000cc. It has also been called “The Beast” and was fine to load down with saddle bags. Took it back to Key west, and also to The Tail Of The Dragon a couple times.


    Kawasaki K2

  • Harley Sportster 1200 Low

    Love this little sportster for local and short rides. It’s quick and easy to ride and remove or add saddlebags, windshield, sissy bar for longer rides if needed. Also has some loud pipes. That helps with distracted beach drivers.

    1200 Low

  • Honda F6B

    This Honda F6B is a Bagger, yes. If you think it’s just a Goldwing with the passenger seat cut off, you’re right. Monster engine is liquid cooled and yes I prefer this over the “other more popular in Florida” baggers. Don’t hate me.

    Honda F6B Says “Our broad conclusions will surprise no one: Honda’s Gold Wing-derived F6B is the better, nicer, more effective machine by most modern-motorcycle standards. Yet the Road Glide Custom is vastly superior at one thing: being a Harley-Davidson.”