Tampa Bay’s Hometown Morning Krewe

Tampa Bay’s Hometown Morning Krewe

Tampa Bay’s Hometown Morning Krewe

What are the top things that you fear?

When you think of things that people fear, you think snakes, going to the dentist, bugs, flying. Those sorts of things.  But here in Florida, we fear different things.  WFLA did an interesting poll of the things we fear the most and I think we can all agree.


  • 1. Broken A/C

    Woman Felling Hot During Summer Setting Her Thermostat

    There is nothing worse then getting into a car or walking into your home and there is no A/C. A broken A/C is the number one we fear in Florida.

  • 2. Hurricanes

    Hurricane Ian
    They are scary because they are so unpredictable. Just recently with Hurricane Ian, we all know to well that Hurricanes can cause major damage and so many lives lost due to the strength of the storms that come through.

  • 3. Gators

    Fatal Alligator Attacks Set New Record In Florida
    The one rule in Florida you need to follow, if you come across a body of water, including swimming pools, always assume there may be an alligator swimming or sunbathing nearby.  Always.

  • 4. I-4 Traffic

    Why isn’t this number 1?  I think we can all agree that when we get into our cars and know we have to get on I-4 at some point during our commute, we will be stuck in traffic.  It is very rare that you drive on I-4 at 80 miles an hour near Tampa, there is usually a slowdown at some point.  And forget about ever sailing through the I-4/275 interchange.

  • 5. Sharks

    Shark fin above ocean water

    Shark fin above ocean water

    Pretty hard to go out in the boat or swim at the beach without at least “thinking” or looking for sharks.  They are in our Gulf. From black-tipped sharks, to bonnet head sharks found in Tampa Bay, to bull sharks, hammerheads and whale sharks in the Gulf of Mexico, it’s very possible you’ll see a fin in the surf here in Florida.

  • 6. Love Bugs

    Not sure we are really “afraid” of the Love Bugs, but they are a pain in the ….you know what.   Takes a lot of elbow grease to clean them off our cars and doesn’t make it fun for kids who are outside playing when you run into a swarm of them.


  • 7. Spring Breakers

    Yes and Yes.  We all know that March/April is the time to stay away from the popular beach places.  Spring Breakers bring lines, traffic and crowded bars.  We love they bring money into our state, but we love when they are gone and we get our beaches back.

  • 8. Pollen

    There is no escaping pollen season in Florida. From oak and pine season, to grass pollen season, ragweed and more, if you’re prone to allergies, pollen might be what you’re most afraid of here in Florida.  It’s beyond bad for some. 

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