For years Miami has been considered one of the best destinations for spring breakers. However, that will soon change. Due to the violence and chaos that transpired last year during spring break, Miami Beach will now be implementing rules and security measures in an attempt to keep spring breakers away. So since Miami doesn’t want any spring breakers, we decided to give you our top 5 spring break destinations to go to other than Miami.

Why Miami Is Breaking Up With Spring Breakers

Spring Break of 2023 did a number on Miami Beach. With over 400 arrests, more than 100 firearms seized, and 7,000 traffic citations issued, it was evident that spring break was starting to become a problem. The tipping point was the chaotic crowds and shootings that left 2 people dead. This ultimately led Miami Beach into a state of emergency. This was the third consecutive year that Miami Beach had to place emergency measures to combat disorderly crowds, so they are putting their foot down this year.

The city has now set new perimeters for March to try and avoid spring breakers.  They have warned visitors of safety precautions such as curfews, bag searches at the beach, early beach closures, DUI checkpoints, and arrests for drug possession and violence. Miami even made a video campaign to inform everyone of the “break up”.

Florida Governor Ron Desantis held a press conference to discuss the safety measures for Spring break across Florida on Tuesday and stated “You are going to pay the price and be held accountable if you’re coming for reasons other than to have fun. That is not gonna fly in the Sunshine State.”

So technically Spring Breakers are still able to go to Miami, but many are not very happy with the new safety measures being implemented. So where can you go for spring break if you don’t want to deal with Miami? We thought you’d never ask! Here are our top 5 Spring Break destinations to go to other than Miami.

Source: Local 10

  • Key West, Florida

    Instead of stopping in Miami, drive a couple of more hours south and check out Key West. If you want to be more low-key and like nature you can visit The Key West Butterfly & Nature Conservatory, but let’s be real it is spring break. You want drink and check out the bars. Key West has more than 300 bars you can choose from. Party with all of the other spring breakers on Smathers Beach. Just make sure to book a boating excursion at some point to see the beautiful ocean scenery.
    Picture of a "Key West" sign

  • Las Vegas, Nevada

    I know what you’re thinking, but there is a lot more to Vegas than just gambling. With over 340 bars listed on trip advisor there are certainly a lot of places you can drink and party. However, many don’t know about the Red Canyon Waterfalls. Now there’s something you can’t find in Florida. If you want more water adventures you can go rafting at the Hoover Dam or check out the Springs Preserve. Did I mention gambling?
    Picture of the Las Vegas Strip featuring the famous "Welcome To Las Vegas" Sign

  • Cancun, Mexico

    Move over Tulum! You may be the new “cool” place to go nowadays, but you will never take the Spring Break crown away from the original King. Especially if you’re looking to save some money. To comfortably get through a 3-day trip, you will need to set aside around $700 for expenses, which is typically cheaper than Tulum and Miami. Just make sure you apply for that passport way ahead of time.
    Happy Friends toasting at a beach party

  • San Juan, Puerto Rico

    You won’t need your passport or to break the bank for San Juan. With flights leaving Tampa starting at $44 on Expedia, Puerto Rico is a cheap and quick trip that is also surprisingly affordable. You would need around 7,602.0$ in Miami, FL to maintain the same standard of life that you can have with 6,100.0$ in San Juan. Plus, I will hype up Puerto Rico whenever I can.

    Colorful image of the cruise and ferry harbor of San Juan in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rican flag on platform above the water pier. Tall buildings at the cruise port terminal.

    Colorful image of the cruise and ferry harbor of San Juan in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rican flag on platform above the water pier. Tall buildings at the cruise port terminal.

  • Panama City, Florida

    What was once considered the Spring Break capital of the US, Panama City is another viable Florida option that is way cheaper than South Beach. You have beautiful beaches and jumping nightlife that are the main attractions, but there are also countless theme parks and arcades to keep you busy and having fun. Don’t forget to check  Shipwreck Island Waterpark, Race City and a Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

    Colorful image of the cruise and ferry harbor of San Juan in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rican flag on platform above the water pier. Tall buildings at the cruise port terminal.

    Panama City Beach, Florida, view of Front Beach Road at night during blue hour

  • Honorable Mentions

    Clearwater, FL

    Daytona Beach, FL

    Medellin, Colombia

    Myrtle Beach, SC

    New Orleans, LA

    Nassau, Bahamas

    Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

    San Diego, CA

    Scottsdale, AZ

    South Padre, TX

    St. Petersburg, FL

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