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Top 10 States most expensive gas. If you are planning on taking a holiday drive, here’s a little heads up on gas prices nationwide. These states had the most expensive gas over the holiday weekend.

AAA says gas prices only went up a penny since Sunday, but still about 44 cents up from last month. Also noted by AAA that almost 35 million people were traveling by car over the holiday weekend. That’s up by 4.6% from 2020.

Source Daily Caller

  • Alaska

    $5.20 a gallon

  • Arizona

    $4.95 a gallon

  • California

    $6.15 a gallon

  • Hawaii

    $5.44 a gallon

  • Illinois

    $5.00 a gallon

  • Maine

    $4.77 a gallon

  • Nevada

    $5.30 a gallon

  • New York

    $4.93 a gallon

  • Oregon

    $5.20 a gallon

  • $5.23 a gallon

    $5.23 a gallon