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Top 10 Cities For Thanksgiving Rank Three In Florida. See where your favorite city ranks below. WalletHub says 3 Florida cities are among the best places to go for Thanksgiving. They compared 100 big cities in the good ole USA using everything from travel costs and flight delays to how much we pay for turkey and stuffing. When you throw in events and fun stuff to do with the fam, easy to see why the FLA got 3 cities in the top 10. Did we mention the weather? And how we rarely get 6 or 7 feet of snow? Traffic and other metrics are also tallied in the results to help us get in the Top 10TBT

  • 1 Atlanta, GA


  • 2 Orlando, FL


  • 3 Las Vegas, NV

  • 4 Raleigh, NC


  • 5 Gilbert, AZ


  • 6 Tampa, FL

  • 7 Plano, TX


  • 8 Durham, NC


  • 9 Irving, TX


  • 10 Miami, FL