We get how easy it is to hate on things, sports rivals, certain foods, traffic, the list goes on. In fact, a lot of people bond over their common dislikes. There’s even an app for it. It’s called “Hater,” it was first launched in 2017. It’s the one dating app where users take “hates” into account when matching with people. Recently, the app looked into the different dislikes in each state and compiled the data. What do you think the most hated thing in Florida is? Snowbirds? Mosquitoes? The real answer according to Hater may (or may not) surprise you.

We find these dislikes for other states pretty hilarious, and relatable. In New York, the most hated thing is Times Square, which we can 100% confirm that any real New Yorker hates the tourist trap. The people of Texas hate sleeping with the window open, something you could never do in Florida. California wishes fidget spinners had never been born. If you want to see the full list of states dislikes, click here.

According to Hater, the most hated thing in Florida is…

Work Out Couples

things Floridians hate

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At first you were probably thinking “that’s not so bad.” Then you maybe thought about that one couple who’s always showing off ridiculous work outs on social media and totally understand. We’re all for living a healthy lifestyle but can also find it annoying to have extreme work outs taking over our social feeds.

While this is annoying, we find it hard to believe that THIS is what Floridians hate the most. So instead, we came up with a list of runner ups that should could have taken the number one spot.

Here’s a list of things Floridians REALLY hate

  • Mosquitos

    Living in the swamp land makes us the #1 target for mosquitos. No amount of OFF can save you.

    This Is The Thing Floridians Hate The Most

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  • Humidity

    We can never escape it… Making it one of our worst enemies.

    Things floridians hate

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  • Spring Break

    Ahhh the time where all the snowbirds and transplants come down. They pack the beaches and leave them with empty beer cans and trash all over the place. The only bright side to spring break means baseball starts soon.

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  • Love Bugs

    Don’t know what’s worse, getting bitten alive by mosquitos or scraping the dead lovebugs off your car every year.

    Love Bugs


  • I-4

    Driving on I-4 during any time of day is the WORST! The constant construction also never helps.

    things floridians hate