Keith Connors

Weekdays 10a-3p

Therapy Dog Peanut Butter visits St Pete Parks & Rec Therapeutics program. He’s registered with Pet Partners Therapy animal program and loves his visits. The program provides inclusive, intergenerational recreation, leisure and play opportunities for individuals and families in the community with physical, intellectual and developmental disabilities.

  • Benefit. Lots Of Pets And Hugs. LOL.

    Making friends

  • Getting Families Signed In

    Signing in

  • Can Puppies Sign In Too? Everyone Says Yes. Yes They Can.

    Signing in too

  • Puppy Love

    Puppy Love

  • More Friends. Who Wants to Throw This Ball?

    More Friends

  • Coloring With Kids Big And Small. You Wanna Throw This Ball?

    Coloring With Kids Big And Small

  • Thanks For A Fun Day !

    Therapy Puppy