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A new list list of the Top 10 dating dealbreakers has come out. Dating is tough and there are many dealbreakers that can happen. Bustle took to their social media to ask their readers what their top dating dealbreakers are. Some of the responses they received are common dealbreakers. If you are in the dating scene hopefully these are able to help you.

Here’s what they said are their 10 dating dealbreakers.

  • Rude to anyone in the service industry

    Most people go out to dinner on a first date. So, if you do this then don’t expect a second date.

    Waiter taking an order for a couple

  • Overly negative or pessimistic

    You should be happy to be out on a first date with the person you are with. Even if you are not feeling it there is no need to be negative.

    Hand turns a dice and changes the expression "negative" to "positive".

  • Bad hygiene

    Take a shower. Brush your teeth. Put on some deodorant. It shows your date that you don’t value yourself, or you have poor self-esteem.

    Brushing Teeth

  • Mean or doesn’t like animals

    Everyone loves animals, right? Well, even if you don’t your date most likely does. Also, there is no need to mean to animals.

    Silly Dog Tilts Head in Front of Barn

  • No sense of humor

    Laughter is important in a relationship and especially trying to start a new one. Make the other person laugh on your first date.

    Portrait Of Happy Loving Couple With Man Giving Woman Piggyback As They Hug In Autumn Park Together

  • Only talks about themselves

    Now this is a big no-no. Talk about your date and ask them questions. If they ask you a question about yourself then you can talk about yourself.

    Worried man watching smartphone and waiting message

  • No goals or drive

    If you don’t have any ambition don’t expect a second date. Let the person know that you are passionate about something.

    Coach teaching about the way of setting goals

  • Keeps a dirty home

    If you have your date over make sure you clean up your place. You date doesn’t want to see a dirty home and if they do they may be leaving soon after arriving.

    Woman horrified by mess left after party in her apartment, cleaning service

  • Flakiness or inconsistency

    Things in life happen where you have a reschedule a date, but if you keep doing that it is a problem. That could should signs of something else going on and your date will stop responding to you.

    confused road sign indicating The best way to go

  • Stays friends with an ex

    You just can’t do this. Don’t talk about you ex either. Just leave that person out of the conversation. If you want to still be friends with your ex then that may cause issues in your dating life moving forward.

    Portrait Of Young Happy Woman

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