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We know dating can be tough and sometimes crazy! That’s why Tampa Bay’s Morning Krewe are here to help. Listen every morning at 7:15a as they try and make a match! Here are all of our dating stories from March 2023.

  • 03/31/23 - Fourth Time's A Charm

    Kate and Carlos have been on three dates and even shared a kiss. Now, Carlos isn’t calling Kate back.

  • 03/30/23 - Spring Fling

    Hunter just became the hunted.

  • 03/29/23 - The "Nick"name

    Nick called us up looking for our help after his date with Lacey. She told us that it had something to do with what he wanted her to call him.

  • 03/28/23 - The Roach Coach

    Owen was enthralled by Liz on their first date. Find out the reason why Liz said she has never been so grossed out after the date.

  • 03/27/23 - Long Hair Don't Care

    They went to Park & Rec in St. Pete and everything went great according to Kennedy. Hunter told us he didn’t want to embarrass her, but Kennedy really wanted to know.

  • 03/23/23 - She Got Carded

    Sean was confused as to why Emily wasn’t responding to his calls and texts after their date. She had one big issue.

  • 03/22/23 - Taking Care Of Business

    Nate told us he had a great date with Becca, but Becca told us there something about his job that she didn’t like.

  • 03/21/23 - Miss Popular

    Tarin called us up after her date with Max. Max was surprised we were calling him, but he told us why he isn’t calling her back.

  • 03/20/23 - No Photos Please

    Kyle has been replaying the date in his over and over. He told us that he is not the type of guy to call a radio station for dating help. We got a hold of Rebecca and she told us it something to do with his job.

  • 03/17/2023 - Pin Up Girl

    Jen wanted a second date with Blake, but Blake was bother by one of her tattoos.

  • 03/16/23 - Not So Special

    Aiden told us that he listens to the Second Date Update and nothing like things he has heard on the segment happened on his date with Brittany. We got a hold of Brittany and she told us how Aiden didn’t make her feel special.

  • 03/15/23 - Venmo Can't Fix This

    They shared a kiss at the end of the night, so why isn’t Fiona calling Pat back? We got a hold of her to find out.


  • 03/14/23 - Shut Up and Drive

    Aaron called us up and told us about his date with Julia. Julia told something that she discovered about Aaron that she doesn’t like.

  • 03/10/23 - Don't Label Me Bro

    Sam told us that there are no problems and that he and Tricia see each other a few times a week. He has a question to ask her.

  • 03/09/23 - Too Hot To Handle

    They have been on two dates. Phil didn’t really get into too many details, but Andrea let us know why she isn’t calling him back.


  • 03/08/23 - She Got Her Money's Worth

    Kendall won a date with Brett at an auction, but Brett hasn’t called her to set up the date. Kendall needs our help getting in touch with him. Can a date finally happen?

  • 03/07/23 - No Comment

    A second date was already set, but then it didn’t happen. Lisa tells us why she isn’t get back with Joseph.

  • 03/03/23 - Red Flag Chellenge

    Danny and Gia were set up by friends, which is usually a good thing. There were a lot of red flags when it came to the date.

  • 03/02/23: Too Much Child's Play

    Elise and Aaron have been on a few dates already. They both have kids and decided to get the kids together for a dinner date.

  • 03/01/23: Offer She Could Refuse

    Chris went for it on his first date with Erin. The text messages he is getting back from her are just one word answers.