Tampa Bay’s Hometown Morning Krewe

Tampa Bay’s Hometown Morning Krewe

Tampa Bay’s Hometown Morning Krewe

We know dating can be tough and sometimes crazy! That’s why Tampa Bay’s Hometown Morning Krewe are here to help. Listen every morning at 7:15a as they try and make a match! Here are all of our dating stories from January 2024.

  • 01/31/24 - She May Have Been Too Judgmental

    Billy told us that Denise does not go out on one on one dates. But something happened that she noticed that caused her to not go out with him.

  • 01/30/24 - Tonya Is Jumping To Conclusions

    Eddie told us that he and Tonya had a great first date. He told us that they talked for 3 hours. Now, she isn’t calling him back.

  • 01/29/24 - Was This An Honest Mistake?

    Stacy and Aaron had a first date schedule and a place the she likes. When Aaron showed up he didn’t see her.

  • 01/26/24 - Joey Would Be Signing Up For A Lot…

    Joey and Kim and a casual date, but Kim said they definitely connected. When we got Joey on the phone he told us a situation Kim is going through.

  • 01/25/24 - Just Ask Her Already Dean

    Megan really wants to see Dean again, but he was hesitant about going on another date with her. Could we convince him to ask her out?

  • 01/24/24 - But We Sat On The Patio…

    Luke doesn’t know why Stephanie isn’t calling her back after their first date. Stephanie told us that he was a little too casual for her.

  • 01/23/24 - She Deserves To Get Caught

    Nicole and Tyler have been on a couple dates and there was even one at his place. She cooked him dinner, but now he isn’t calling her back.

  • 01/22/24 - This Is Just Part Of Dating

    Katie wasn’t hearing back from Adam after their date. Adam though he was getting called out.

  • 01/19/24 - Lexi Saw Right Through This Guy

    Chris broke the #1 overall rule of dating on his date with Lexi. Lexi saw right through it.

  • 01/18/24 - She Did Not Execute This Date Well

    Abby is really into Eric and wants to find out why he isn’t calling her back. Eric told us what is what and it should’ve been obvious to her.

  • 01/17/24 - He’s Put A Lot Of Thought Into This

    Alex and Cara have had a couple of dates and even talked about a third. The reason Alex gave for not getting back to Cara is crazy.

  • 01/16/24 - A Weird Thing To Be Proud Of

    Derek was pretty sure he was going to have a second date with Lisa. Lisa has not called him back.

  • 01/12/24 - He Should’ve Done Some More Research

    Grant is confused as to why Robyn is going out with him again. Robyn told us she wants to call Grant out.

  • 01/11/24 - This Was His Only Option?

    Kurt called us up and told us why Stacy isn’t calling him back after his date. She isn’t calling him back and needs our help getting a hold of her.

  • 01/10/24 - This Is A Bold Request After Two Dates

    Justine told us that she had a great connection with Brian. Brian is not calling her back.

  • 01/09/24 - Danny’s Choices Were Hazy

    Danny told us that Lori left abruptly on their first date. She even got an Uber to take her home. He doesn’t know what happened.

  • 01/08/24 - Hunter May Need To Stand Up For Himself

    Hunter told us that they talked about going out on another date, but that hasn’t happened. It what happened on the first date that has caused Jill to not call him back.

  • 01/05/24 - Hot, Heavy and Weird

    Gary told us that he and Sabrina have been out on a couple of dates. On both of those dates there has been kissing. Now she isn’t calling him back.

  • 01/04/24 - I Guess Opposites Don’t Attract

    Ray didn’t seem happy when we talked to him after his date with Lindsey. Lindsey didn’t hold anything back when she told us what the problem was.

  • 01/02/24 - Making The Most Of An Awkward Situation

    Anna got invited by Trent to a buddy of his holiday party. She told us it went well, but then we got Trent on the phone to hear his thoughts on the date.

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