Are you brave enough to try this? It’s a popular trend that’s taken over social media in the past year. A “get what you get tattoo” is exactly how it sounds. You pay a certain amount for a blind pick of a flash sheet design. Some tattoo shops have themed “get what you get” sheets like Disney, city-themed, music, etc. They’re also called “gumball machine tattoos” because, in most shops, that’s how you choose your design. If you’re itching for a new tattoo but don’t know what to get, these Tampa tattoo shops offer gumball machine or “get what you get” tattoos.

We got our suggestions from a Reddit thread. Got another? Shout them out on social media and we may add them to the list! Some places will allow you to pick another design if you are unhappy with yours. But that defeats the purpose of the get what you get theme. And on top of that, they’ll most likely charge you to pick again.

Should You Tip Your Tattoo Artist?

This may be controversial, and I think it all depends on the artist/the work being done. But I believe you should always tip your tattoo artist. Perhaps the only exception would be if you’re spending thousands of dollars on a sleeve, in that case, the artist should include the tip in their price during consultation. Many tattoo artists online say that 15-20% tips are always appreciated but are not necessary. Some artists may even prefer small gifts or lunch/coffee before the session. Like I said, it all depends on the artist/the work being done. In the case of a “get what you get” tattoo, the price range is normally $50-100, and most are taken by walk-ins. In that case, you should absolutely tip your artist about $10-20, especially if you are happy with their work.

Ready for a new tattoo but don’t know what to get? Here are 5 Tampa Bay Tattoo Shops With “Get What You Get” Options

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