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Dr BBQ (Tampa Bay's Own Ray Lampe BBQ Hall Of Famer), Lee Ann Whippen (Celebrity Pitmaster/Pro/Judge & Hall Of Fame nominee), and Danny Hernandez  (Grand Pitmaster founder Holy Hog and The Brisket Shoppe.)

Summer Grilling – Top 3 Grills List With Tampa Bay’s Top 3 Master Barbequers. For me it’s Grillin Season is all year long. Had some fun checking out Summer Grilling & Smoker Options with Tampa Bay’s 3 Master Barbecuers. Do you grill, or smoke? Gas or Charcoal or Wood? Or electric? Check out my Top 3 list below. My new favorite may surprise you – because you plug it in? What?

So, I’ve been grilling out forever. Mostly, all wrong.  Started, like many, with  the gas grill. Didn’t we all? It was fine, then. A few years back I started playing with small smokers, slow cooking, and searing, like a pro. So, I thought. I’ve grilled my share of great steaks, seafood and more on gas grills. But, if you have a little more time we prefer real charcoal or wood for more flavor. Rubs and wood add various smokey flavors, but it all starts with – The Grill. Or, The Smoker. Or, both. What’s your goal? We got ya covered.

Went on a mission to seek “The Key To Grilling & Smoking Happiness” LOL. No better place to start than right here in Tampa at The Brisket Shoppe. Owned by long time QYK Listener & Family Member, Daniel Hernandez. If you’ve never been (It’s on N Armenia in Tampa) you may want to rethink your priorities. At the same location you will find The “Grill & Provisions Company.” Perfect place to shop and learn about Grills, Meats, Rubs, Coals, Woods, Pellets, and everything you need to Grill and smoke your way to sweet success.

Call someone a master barbecuer, and there’s little doubt of their talent or the high esteem in which their work is held. The term “master barbecuer” is henceforth reserved for those who have truly excelled at the craft. Dr BBQ, Lee Ann, and Danny with me in the picture above – Master Barbecuers not only in Tampa Bay but Nationwide Baby! Thanks guys for a fun and Deeeeeelicious day.

  • Before We Look At Grills & Smokers Reminder: It All Starts With The Right Meats

    Aged To Perfection Meats

    Aged To Perfection Meats

  • #3 Traditional Gas Grill

    I would bet Gas grills are the most popular. They’re a quick and easy way to grill burgers and steaks for the family. If you want quick grillin, here it is. Yes, there are simple ways with rubs and wood packets to add some smokey flavor to your gas grillin.


  • #2 Charcoal & Wood Grills/Smokers

    I’m thinkin when you want to “kick it up a notch” by slow cooking and adding a little more flavor you might go Charcoal. Easy to add a little more wood flavor to traditional Charcoal Grills and Smokers or even the Big Green Egg. For years I used that basic gas grill and it was all we needed. Now we have a Little Green Egg, and also Small traditional Chargrill Smoker. Only thing is they take a bigger time commitment. We got the Egg, because it was better at staying hotter, longer, with less coal or wood. Which brings us to #1.

    Green Egg

  • #1 Electric Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker & More

    This new wood pellet grill technology may be the best of all worlds. You plug it in. Quick as a gas grill, but electric heating element burns natural wood pellets as a fuel and flavor source. Yea Baby! It’s not only fast, but programmable to 600 degrees and digital with WiFi and Bluetooth. What? That means you’re smokin from your phone bro ; ) Or saying, “Alexa, set temp at 400.” These new boutique grills are also heat and fuel efficient because of the pellets. You’re only ever burning exactly what you’re using at any time. (Remember that when you’re pouring half a bag of charcoal and wood for 2 or 3 small steak filets.) Pretty cool.

    Pellet Grill Smoker

    This Louisana Pellet Grill is like a wood burning convection oven/smoker that can also sear your food. All you need is a plug and some pellets. I can see these growing in the tailgate party world too (they have smaller versions).  Trucks with outlets and generators are already there.  No hauling lighter fluid or propane tanks. Right? Check video below to see Dr BBQ operating on a Brisket. Happy Grilling!

  • Grill Supplies

    Grill Supplies

  • Dr BBQ With Brisket Off The Pellet Grill