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Tampa Bay Event Director Leads ROC The Barriers Special Needs Field Day at Madeira Beach. Miracle By The Bay was started by Matthew Walker in 2018. Matt has Cerebral Palsey, and wanted to teach families with disabilities about programs and opportunities available. Matthew is Event Director of a great team event called ROC The Barriers Special Needs Field Day. He invited me and Peanut Butter out to learn some things too. We did. Here is Matt and Peanut Butter The Wonder Dawg on stage.

This amazing event held at R.O.C. Park Madeira Beach. Matthew’s friends include The Champa Bay Bucs, Lightning, and Rays. Matthew and his team set up food trucks, entertainment, games (got to dump the mayor in the dunk tank) and fun booths showcasing available services for families and friends in Tampa Bay.

Check out the pictures below video with friends and celebrities. Thank you Matthew for a GREAT DAY. Congratulations on a tremendous  event. Peace!

Miracle By The Bay 2019 History Video 2020

This is a Miracle By The Bay history video, to help bring awareness to how big our charity has grown over the years. We would like to thank our Tampa Bay are...

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