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Signs Your Tampa Area Company May Be Setting Up For Some Layoffs. Who can  keep up with all the crazy trends in employment – great resignations, quiet quitting, quiet firing, acting your wage. One thing that isn’t so trendy, but pretty scary is the growing number of companies laying off staff. In fact, its becoming so frequent that BuzzFeed found a TikTok user (Eve Pena) from the HR world who shared some telltale signs that a layoff is coming:

  • Disengaging

    Executive and senior leadership, along with managers, begin disengaging with the team. They may start asking questions about things they don’t usually inquire about

  • Scrapping Projects

    The company starts scrapping high dollar projects. Maybe they started a new build, and it stopped. Or, were going to moves some offices around. But not anymore? Any hiring planned, or office growth or renovations that did not happen?

  • Freezing Up

    Remember when you were talking about growth at work. Maybe even bringing on some more help. Now. Not so much. Hiring freeze is it?

  • Feedback Has Changed

    You start receiving feedback completely different from what you’ve ever received before. Maybe you were getting regular feedback, and it stopped. Or the opposite. If it’s changed, there’s usually a reason. And when things change at work the reason usually circles back around the the “same thing” at any job. Money.