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DeSantis’ List Of Hometown Heroes For $100 Million Dollar Housing Assistance. The governor announced the new program for “hometown heroes” like nurses, police officers, teachers and more to help pay for a place to live during this crazy housing crisis. This is a good program that may help first time buyers with up to 5% of the first mortgage loans up to $25,000. This money can be used to help with down payments, closing costs on new homes. The assistance comes in form of a 0% deferred 2nd mortgage. It’s a good deal and will help so many be able to live near where they actually work.

Scroll down to see the list and how you might qualify…


Are you considered a “Hometown Hero?”

They include:

  • Veterans, active-duty military and surviving spouses

  • Teachers

  • Law enforcement

  • Child care operators/daycare instructors

  • Paramedics, EMTs, 911 operators, firefighters

  • Registered nurses, home health aides, practitioners

  • Correctional officers, probation officers