See How Brooksville Carrier Got Busted For Stealing Mail. It is a federal offense, ya know? Some kids in my neighborhood found that out the hard year last year too. Stealing mail and even destroying mail boxes can land you in the pokey quick. This 20 year old Brooksville mail contract carrier named Aleia got popped by federal agents.

Here’s how it went down:

  • 1. Some Customers Complained

    Mail service is direct and exact, and easy to trace. Even a few complaints can raise red flags quickly.

  • 2. Feds Planted Some Cash

    Those sneaky federal agents put out some bait. Placed some cash in the mail in one of the outgoing slots. Guess what happened next? Miss Aleia opened the package and helped herself to the cash.

  • 3. Busted

    The agents paid Aleia a visit. She admitted to the theft and also opening “about” 100 other pieces of mail on her route. The feds likely already knew about each one by then. Aleia got the maximum 5 years probation. (See, maybe confession is good for the soul?) And, they ordered, she agreed to pay back over $950.00 bucks to over 20 victims. Source NewsChannel8

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