Richard Sherman has had some memorable moments throughout his career. We compiled a list of some that stick out to us.

Richard Sherman is a familiar face in the NFL. The veteran cornerback has signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (on 9/29) ahead of the headline-grabbing game against the New England Patriots on Sunday Night Football (10/3). According to his podcast Sherman said he went with the best offer he had. He said there were a couple of teams who were interested in signing the five-time Pro Bowl cornerback. Sherman also said Tom Brady gave him a call as well which made it even more difficult to pass up.

This is Richard Sherman’s third team in the NFL. He played with the Seahawks for the first seven years of his career where he won a championship and the last three with the 49ers. He will probably suit up in a Bucs jersey in the next couple of weeks, but he will be an immediate difference-maker on the Bucs defensive. The line has struggled with injuries in the first three weeks of the season with three players placed on injured reserve. This is a big move for the Buccaneers who would love to repeat their success from last season and win another Super Bowl.

Sherman is, however, dealing with some legal issues stemming from a July arrest in Washington. Sources told ESPN that “the Buccaneers did their due diligence…and believe he has the necessary support systems in place.”



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